by Steven Rangoussis

The Roman Empire is dying. Men have known it for generations.
One of the symptoms is the rise of an impious sect of traitors
known as Christians. At last, a strong emperor, Diocletian, is on
the throne, a man with the will and the power to impose a cure.
But he cannot do it alone. Inevitably, those he chooses to share
his burden struggle for preferment.

To one of these men is born a child, Constantine. For a decade,
the boy is sheltered from the world by his loving mother. Then, at
age eleven, he is thrust into the cauldron of court life, where the
lust for power causes men to plot, to scheme, to kill, to assure
themeselves of Diocletian's favor.

At court, Diocletian soon notices young Constantine's outstanding
mental and physical abilities. But being singled out by the emperor
means, inevitably, that the boy is hated by jealous men. Death stalks
him. As he grows to manhood and begins his career as a soldier, he
must use all his intelligence and all his strength to preserve his life.

Before him lies the imperial purple, stained with the blood of
countless thousands, and with the purple, the power to transform
the world.
Chapter 1: Constantine's Tutelage
Chapter 2: "In Christo Morimur"
Chapter 3: The Court of Diocletian
Chapter 4: Enter Minervina
Chapter 5: The Alexandria Campaign
Chapter 6: Family Life
Chapter 7: The First Persian Campaign
Chapter 8: The Second Persian Campaign
Chapter 9: The Crisis at Sirmium
Chapter 10: Imperial Divination
Chapter 11: Mission of Peace
Chapter 12: The Edict of Persecution
Chapter 13: Resignation
Chapter 14: The Unexpected Escape
Chapter 15: Sanctuary
Chapter 16: The Benquest
Chapter 17: "Dear Galerius"
Chapter 18: "Robe from Galerius"
Chapter 19: Father and Son Revolt
Chapter 20: Sign in the Sky
Chapter 21: Entertainment
Chapter 22: Marriage and Alliance
Chapter 23: Maximian's Plight
Chapter 24: Revenge
Chapter 25: Edict of Toleration
Chapter 26: Prelude to Civil War
Chapter 27: The Italian Campaign
Chapter 28: The Battle of Milvian Bridge
Chapter 29: Constantine the Triumphant

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